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From the hottest people you’ll see in one place, good music, cold drinks, and bad decisions, there’s no better place in Miami or anywhere else to witness and immerse yourself in such a very enjoyable mixture than at SLS Pool Party.

sls pool party

Located right in the heart of South Beach, SLS Pool Party is one of the few places that make Miami perfectly famous for its bikinis, the never-ending summers, amazing pool parties, and an absolutely carefree vibe.

Whether you’re a through and through Miamian or a tourist looking to have some good time and some sunshine, you probably know by now that South Beach is where it happens all day, any day, every day. At the center of all this fun is a ten-foot, 700-pound rubber ducky sculpture. As you can imagine, this is not something that you can find in any normal pool. Fortunately, the SLS pool is not your normal pool.

SLS Pool Party is the closest Miami gets to a fully-fledged Vegas-like mega pool party. Located on 1701 Collins Avenue, the SLS pool itself is a giant water pool filled with enormous floating toys and scantily-dressed partygoers. In fact, it could be argued that the pool is often 10% filled with champagne at the end of any party. Well, that’s because there’s more than enough champagne for party goers.

You necessarily don’t have to buy a bottle of champagne to feel rich or to feel the bubble. This is well catered for because every hour or so, beautiful lasses parade out on the pool deck and drench the patrons with champagne. Are you already feeling the heat? We’re just beginning.

This is a place that is built with party people in mind. From world-class hotel rooms, wild bars, lively party restaurants to scantily-clad partygoers, there’s no doubt that SLS South Beach is the cream of the crop: a place where people go to see and be seen.

There’s no question that South Beach Miami is home to one of the most incredible and most celebrated party scenes not just in America but in the whole world. So, if you happen to be on the South Beach on any given weekend, partying at the SLS Pool Party should be on top of your must-do list or anyone’s must-visit list for that matter. Here are some of the reasons why you should attend SLS Pool Party:

It’s the Most Sought-after Reservation in South Beach

Whether you’re from Miami or a tourist, you probably know that a good crowd will always follow the best. SLS pool parties have become the most sought-after reservations in Miami and we do know that you don’t want to miss out! This is essentially why you should make table reservations early.

The SLS Pool Party is a great place to usher in weekends on Fridays and to  spend a real Sunday Funday as you plan for the week ahead. As we’ve noted, it’s the most sought-after party in Miami and you don’t want to come this far to have some good time only to miss out because you didn’t make a reservation.

We all know that there are a lot of places to spend some good time in the 305. But why go anywhere else if you can go to the best place in Miami? SLS Pool Party is increasingly becoming one of the most important features of life in the Magic City. It’s certainly worth mentioning that it remains a must-attend party, especially on Fridays and Sundays if you want to see the best in Miami!

If you’re looking to satisfy your gastronomic needs, sip cocktails, craft beers, and champagne while swimming and dancing all at the same time, the SLS Pool Party is the place to be. You’ll soak it all in one of the best places in South Florida and enjoy the good side of life in the company of some of the best and most gorgeous people you’ve ever seen.

Hang out and Rub Shoulders with the Biggest Celebs and Socialites in the World   

A heaving melting pot deep in the heart of South Beach, even celebrities know that SLS Pool Party oozes a sophisticated and sultry charm. Whether it’s Jamie Foxx or Michael Jordan, you can be sure that this is a celebrity hotspot. International DJs often descend on SLS to ensure that you enjoy the best and the most popular music.

Experience Nightlife in Broad Daylight    

We need not remind you that Miami is a haven for partying under the sun, but most of the party life happens only at night. At SLS Pool Party, we go a notch higher by bringing nightlife in broad daylight and of course, at night.

At SLS Pool Party, we offer you a perfect place to celebrate the fact that winter isn’t in our dictionary. This is an ultra-exclusive nightclub in broad daylight; a place where you can enjoy grown-up charms in the right way.

The Best Champagne Showers in Miami

If you’ve been looking to enjoy a Vegas-style party in Miami, you’ve obviously come to the right place: SLS Pool Party. Whether it’s a Friday or a Sunday, you can expect champagne showers themed party of epic proportions. Imagine, gorgeous bikini-clad hotties drenching you in champagne every hour or so as you dance in the pool or lounge on the pool deck.

It doesn’t matter whether you can afford a whole bottle of champagne or not, you’ll feel rich with the availability of free-flowing champagne, salty Margaritas and yes, a pool party that remains the best in America. Pick either a Friday or a Sunday, and you’ll enjoy champagne showers like never before!

A Perfect Place for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties   

Organizing a bachelor or a bachelorette party is never easy. Everyone in your entourage has different tastes and plans, which makes organizing such parties quite challenging. Luckily, SLS Pool Party removes all these obstacles.

While we might sound a little biased here, the truth is there’s no better place than the SLS Pool Party to have a last fling before walking down the aisle. Where else in Miami or in America can you roll off a poolside deck, dapper up yourself a bit and then end up in a world class nightclub at the very same place and still have the best time of your life?

Whether you’re planning a three-day girls’ decadence or boys-only party, SLS Pool Party is the best place to celebrate the last hurrah before committing to your better half. This is a place that can up your ante and bring the feel-good factor to your party as everyone in your entourage is sure to find something that works for them. Plan with us and make reservations on any Friday or Sunday and we’ll ensure that you get the ultimate South Beach bachelor or bachelorette experience!

A Place to Have a Memorable Birthday Party or Wedding Anniversary   

You shouldn’t look any further than the SLS Pool Party when you’re planning a birthday party for your BFF. Whether you’re planning to invite your friends, family members or coworkers to your birthday party, SLS Pool Party will make it a unique and very memorable experience. Well, that’s because nobody throws a birthday party than we do.    We’ll make your next South Beach birthday party utterly exciting thanks to our fancy vibes, which will make your Instagram post momentous. We will make you explore your senses with our experimental cocktails and bottles of champagne to help you celebrate your day. The DJ will turn up your best beats and you’ll have people dancing in the pool while wishing you a belated happy birthday.

For your wedding anniversary, nothing is more romantic than the SLS Pool Party. Regardless of how many years or decades you are celebrating, holding your wedding anniversary at the SLS Pool Party will strengthen your commitment to the relationship and make you feel younger and energized.

Unlike a honeymoon where the newlyweds just want to relax and enjoy each other’s company, a wedding anniversary at the SLS Pool Party will give you the perfect opportunity to celebrate your marital milestone in a very distinctive way. It will definitely afford you a perfect chance to discover a new side of your relationship as you dance and sip a cocktail in the pool!

So What Makes the SLS Pool Party the Best Party in Miami?   

If you’ve been to the SLS Pool Party, you’ll agree with us that it’s where you’ll find the best DJs outside of the biggest Music Festivals in the world. And while a good pool party may just be what you need for a perfect Friday or laidback Sunday in Miami, here’s what makes us the best at what we do:

Sights and Sound beyond Imagination   

Whether you’re in Miami on vacation, a staycation or just a night out, you probably want the best music, DJs and of course, sound. And without inserting any superlatives here, SLS Pool Party has arguably the best sound in South Beach.

The pool parties on Fridays and Sundays offer an immersive adventure that brings forth the luxury and elegance of a one-of-kind experience. Located just next to the South Beach, the SLS Pool Party also offers revelers an incredible sight and perfect backdrop for energetic fun.    Premier Bottle Service

Nothing gives us immense pride than knowing that our patrons are happy, well-served and having the best of their lives. This is why we make sure that every table at SLS Pool Party has access to the best bottle service.

Whether your entourage prefers the finest champagne or top-shelf magnum and vodka bottles, we have impeccable service to ensure that you are in for the best. In addition to these drinks, we have the finest accompaniments and mixers. While our bottle service minimums can fluctuate depending on the day, the event and the number of ladies on your entourage, we often tailor our services with luxurious touches to ensure that you have the best time of your life.

Having been in the entertainment industry for decades, we also understand the importance of excellent services and cleanliness. It is such features that give us an upper hand in the competitive South Beach entertainment industry. That’s why you’ll always see familiar smiling faces coming back to SLS Pool Party on Fridays and Sundays. In essence, our staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming.

Evidently, we all know that it takes tremendous attention to details to create an entertainment brand that sizzles and resonates with customers. That’s basically what we’ve created at SLS Pool Party. We can make you feel comfortable and happy from start to finish.

A Plethora of Top-notch Options    

Revelers have varying tastes and needs. What works for you may not work for someone else. At SLS Pool Party, we’re fully aware of this and appreciate it. To cater to all the needs and tastes of our customers, we offer a plethora of services and options so that you can choose what works for you. From drinks such as champagnes, tequila, and vodka to the various types of reservations such as day beds, cabanas, tables, and orbitals, we ensure that we offer you all the amenities that work for you and your group.

We Consistently Allow Eligible Patrons (21+)   

Needless to say, we are a law abiding club, which is why we verify the age of our patrons. This is to allow our eligible customers to enjoy themselves not just in a safe setting but without having to worry about mingling with underage revelers.

Incredible Dishes on Offer   

A pool party cannot be a great pool part if certain amenities are not available. What separates a good pool party to an utterly excellent pool party boils down to factors such as location, ambiance, the availability of good cabanas, excellent drinks and more importantly; food.

The good thing about SLS Pool Party is that it checks all these boxes. In addition to the appeal of the party, we offer very good food to fuel you as you dance your heart out and enjoy a dip in the pool. Our award-winning Executive Chef Jose Andres and Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi will quench your gastronomic thirsts with scrumptious dishes that draw inspiration from various cuisines around the world.

In short, we provide an innovative menu to create the ultimate Miami experience on all fronts all in one place: the SLS Pool Party! Simply put, you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a taste-tempting tour.

When to Go   

It wouldn’t be an overstatement if we boldly note that attending the SLS Pool Party on Fridays and Sundays will be one of your best decisions ever if not the best.     You’ll never get enough of this incredible pool party, which begins at noon and goes to dusk. And if you’re wondering what goes on at night, don’t get it twisted. Night pool parties are something else. Partygoers on this side of the world are so energetic they seem not to sleep a bit! So don’t be surprised to come across the faces that were sipping on bottles during the day while wading into the water to cool off, dancing their hearts out at night!

There’s something about Fridays and Sundays in the South Beach. You’ll never get bored when you hit the SLS Pool Party on these two days. Fridays are known for crazy pool parties as revelers usher in the weekend in style. And you’ll be surprised to see a full house on Sunday, which may make you think that Miamians are celebrating the impending Monday. But no, that’s just the norm at SLS Party Pool.

What’s on Offer on Fridays?   

Spending your Fridays at SLS will allow you to bring your fashion A-game to the scene while enjoying the glorious sun that Miami is eternally known for. The SLS Pool Party offers the sparkle that every Friday needs. You don’t just have to chill and relax on the pool’s deck. You can hit the dance floor (the pool) and dance to the top 40 hits in the world.

Attending SLS Pool Party on Fridays will help you unwind after a hard week at work. Fridays at SLS Pool Party brings one of the most enthralling poolside fiestas. While a similar Friday pool party will burn a hole in your wallet in some places, the SLS Pool Party makes things friendly and quite affordable!

What’s on Offer on Sundays?   

While day drinking is the best way to cope with the stresses of an impending Monday, Sundays at the SLS Pool Party brings forth the chance to have a fun day with an open format that includes hip hop, Latin beats, and top 40s.

The SLS Pool Party on Sundays also guarantees you a good time. All you have to do is come early and stay as late as you want because SLS Pool Party always extends later into the night. The delicious dishes and drinks on offer are the best way to have a refreshing Sunday afternoon as you look forward to another week.

We can affirm that the SLS Pool Party will take your boring Sunday and smash it into another direction where you can dance and enjoy some good vibes while surrounded by gorgeous people.

So You Want to Reserve a Table?   

There’s no doubt that the SLS Pool Party is the place to be in South Beach Miami. We are famous for giving patrons the type of party that can never be experienced anywhere else! Such unforgettable moments make SLS Pool Party the creme de la creme of entertainment, especially on Fridays and Sundays.

You definitely do not want to miss out! The best way to guarantee this is by reserving a table and ensuring that your group is well sorted out beforehand. You can do this either by paying in advance or by leaving your full name and paying once you arrive at SLS.

In fact, making reservations will make things a little easier as you don’t have to wait in line. You just inform the doorman that you have a reservation and things will be smoothly sorted out for you and your group.

All in all, the SLS Pool Party will give you some extraordinary memories. Be ready for the champagne showers and do not fail to take some breathtaking photos in the process!

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