The SLS Pool party is open every Friday and Sunday from 11am-7:30pm. Doors open at 11am and the party lasts until around 7:30pm. If you would like to join the party, please call us at any time to make a reservation or follow for guestlist.

Age requirement: Must be 21 or older 

How to get in: Table reservation, guestlist, or show up to the pool party early and pay a bar tab minimum in order to gain access. 

How much are tables? Tables range from $500 – 5,000 spending minimum. This is depends on the number of guys, numbers of girls, and the date availability. 

Table reservations: Pricing goes by number of Males & Number of females in your group + date and availability. For accurate pricing contact one of our team with this information ready. 

  1. Number of guys in the group 
  2. Number of girls in the group 
  3. Date you want to make the reservation

Table pricing: The price is just a spending minimum. The minimum is the amount you must spend on alcohol or anything else on the menu in order to have a spot, so you can buy as many bottles, pitchers, food, etc., as long as you reach the spending minimum. *There is no cost for the spot you will be assigned it is only a food and beverage minimum*

Table reservation info: To make a reservation we just need the first and last name of the person that will be paying when you arrive at the venue to make your reservation *must be the card holders name to avoid confusion and event day higher pricing*

What to do when you have a reservation: When you arrive tell the doorman you have a reservation and give him the name. *must be the card holders name to avoid confusion and event day higher pricing*

Can the bill be split? Yes the bill can be divided.

Is there any additional cost? A 29% charge for tax and gratuity will be added to your total spend.